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How to resolve a financial dispute in Malaysia?

Conflict resolution in Malaysia

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a type of conflict resolution system that is utilized as an other option to prosecution and mediation by an official courtroom. Gatherings can subsequently settle a debate with or without the help of outsiders.

Case is routinely dull, extended and astounding, and combines an any more chance to settle cases. This is the reason diverse people are chasing down choice strategies as the advantages of alternative dispute resolution are evident with systems like arbitration, conciliation, negotiation and mediation.


SIDREC Malaysia


There are different bodies the world over that fill this need, for example, the Financial Ombudsman in the UK and SIDREC in Malaysia, which are alternative dispute resolution centers over the globe. These bodies give free, rapid and advantageous frameworks for choosing money related issues that analysts face with their brokers, derivatives, unit trust agents, and fund management.

There can be different reasons that social events need to continue to case, and it is over the top the insufficiency of either collecting. There could be miscommunications amongst budgetary specialists and sellers and these frequently incite mistake and misrepresentation. The dispute resolution process helps this by understanding what has spread out and work towards an answer, it is possible that it being fraudulent misrepresentation, mismanagement of funds, or even issues with your unit trust speculations.

ADR has been extending contemporary observable quality as a strategy for open thought determination as it is seen to be fundamentally more cost and time compelling. As the measure of arbitrators and mediators are making, trust in decision prudent discourse determination has moreover made as specialists with these strength enter the field powerfully and wind up being more unmistakable.

Capital market theories have besides overwhelmingly created starting late with the influencing vitality for general trade. With more grounded control by government bodies on the capital markets, cash related pros can contribute unhesitatingly and successfully make winds understanding that there are regulatory bodies that they can go to when strife and solicitation rise. As dispute resolution procedures are unmistakably clarified by ADR bodies, dispute settlement induces the opportunity to be less mind boggling to wrap up.



Mediation and arbitration are dynamically grabbing detectable quality as the option for dispute resolution services, to such a degree, to the point that the legitimate courts would routinely urge for mediation to be driven as the mediation process serves as a not too bad introductory stride for settlement.

Money related issues that are gone up against that would be best for alternative level headed discussion determination consolidate issues with your securities brokers, derivatives brokers, unit trust agents, and investment complaints. Since ADR bodies have specialization in these reaches, they truly settle on better instructed decisions stood out from judges, who tend to have an all the more wide cognizance of financial circumstances. When you have securities issues or investment issues, these bodies with cash related expert data would be a better other alternative than indictment.

Alternative dispute resolution is the course forward to getting a handle on exchange related issues out point of view of it being unbiased, thought, time and cost valuable. With financial issues ending up being persistently mind boggling, people examining for ADR will only extension in the coming years as honest to goodness structures over the world are asking people to use these conflict resolution services.

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Tricubes Malaysia

The Tenacity of Tricubes Malaysia

The Tenacity of Tricubes Malaysia

Tricubes Malaysia was established in 1997 in order to lead the design and development of handheld computers and software solutions for MyKad, a venture involving the execution of the world’s first and only National ID multi-application chip card. This endeavor resulted in a highly integrated handheld computer that incorporates a smartcard reader, wireless technology and fingerprint scanner. Government Agencies, the Financial Sector and Utility companies, among others, have well accepted Tricubes devices. These innovations and its ancillary applications offer strategic solutions for identity authentication as well as mobile computing.


Tricubes Malaysia


Tricubes Group of Companies provide a vast array of products that cater to specific functional needs of organizations, proven by the shipment of over 70,000 devices to date to over 300 companies. Tricubes does not only serve organizations within Malaysia, they have also supported international clients like Orly Airport in Paris and the Moroccan Royal Palace. Its Malaysians clients include Malaysia’s Road Transport Department, National Registration Department, Royal Malaysian Police, Ministry of Health, Maybank Malaysia Berhad, CIMB Bank Berhad, RHB Bank Berhad and Maxis, to name a few. In 2012, Tricubes share price rose to a six-and-a-half month high to close at RM0.26 following the announcement that the Royal Malaysian Police has appointed the company as the collection agent of traffic summonses. They are also an MSC status company, a recognition that is granted by the Government of Malaysia for companies that invest and maneuver their ICT activities towards the promotion of innovation in design and development. This credit was directly listed on Bursa Malaysia in 2004.


Tricubes solutions can be categorized in three sections, which are:

  • Identity Authentication Solutions: Smartcard and biometric reader devices that provide multi-factor authentication and security.
  • Enterprise Mobile Solutions: Mobile computing equipment and applications that provide solutions for Mobile Enforcement, Mobile Banking and Mobile Logistics.
  • Secure Access & Automation: Physical access security solutions.


Challenges Being Overcome

It all began when Tricubes Berhad was awarded the role of service provider for the “MyEmail” program that was designed for government-linked agencies to communicate with the public through a digital channel. Under the program, citizens above the age of 18 years could sign up for a MyEmail account for free. Government bodies utilizing the service would be charged RM0.50 for every email sent to the designated account. According to reports, the email project was expected to contribute RM39 million to the gross national income by 2015. Although, Tricubes received criticism from the general public who questioned the need for government bodies to pay for sending emails, the company still made all efforts to clarify the public’s concerns through interviews between the media and its CEO.

There were also speculations as to whether the funds would be coming from the Malaysian Government but the company has since clarified that the figure represents the investment Tricubes will make for this project. From the get go, Tricubes was determined to fully fund the project in hopes to serve Malaysians better. In 2012, they tried to appeal to Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad when the company’s proposed regularization plan was rejected. They were consequently delisted after Bursa Malaysia disallowed the IT outfit’s appeal against the rejection. Despite this obstacle, Tricubes was and is steadfast in powering forward, as the company was still able to continue its operations and business. They proceeded with a corporate restructure and its shareholders are still being rewarded by the company’s fantastic performance. The company has continuously endeavored to improve the nation’s progression and aims to perform to its full capacity. Nothing seems to deter Tricubes and no challenge is too great. The resilience of this company on a whole is definitely its strongest asset.

Fast forward to today, Tricubes Malaysia’s capable team provides Systems Integration and Project Management services, as well as a nationwide Customer Services network that further consolidates these offerings. Tricubes Berhad address is Suite 13.1, Level 13 Menara Great Eastern 303, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and they have support centers in Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Bahru, Ipoh, Melaka and Penang.

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