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Travel Insurance: Do we really need it?

You’re making your travel plans and have got everything sorted out, all but one. You’re sitting there thinking do I really need travel insurance? What are the odds anyway? Is travel insurance worth buying? Well, if we’re going with Murphy’s law, yes. Lots of things can and do go wrong when you’re abroad. That is why travel insurance is a billion-dollar industry. The basic premise of travel insurance is about insuring yourself against exorbitant costs or losses that may cripple you.

It is likely that your existing medical plan does not cover you overseas, so getting a travel insurance is a clever way to supplement that essential part of your travel needs.

chubb travel insurance malaysia

Commonly, there is a chance that you might contract a fever while on holiday. You definitely do not want the headache of searching for an in-network medical facility, which sometimes mean that you have to fork out more on cab fare just to get there. If you have travel insurance, you can likely seek treatment at a clinic or medical facility nearest to you. Another feature of travel insurance you should consider, especially if you are sickly or elderly, is evacuation coverage. Unless you’re uber rich, you wouldn’t be able to afford it in case of an unfortunate event.

Travel insurance is also handy for frequent or business travellers. Most plans cover you against flight cancellations, delays, and loss of luggage. If the airline cancels your flight or you are unable to make the trip at the last minute, you can recover your losses if you have a travel insurance plan.  It’s worthwhile to insure your luggage too, which pays out a sum of money to you should it be delayed, damaged, or stolen.

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The general rule of thumb? Make it a travel necessity, and buy it immediately after booking your flight and hotel accommodations. Safe travels!

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Leading boarding schools in Wales, UK

Co-ed boarding schools in the England and Wales

An instruction from the United Kingdom is universally perceived as a standout amongst other tertiary training frameworks on the planet. For Malaysians hoping to consider studying abroad in the UK, there are a couple of imperative choices and information to know, for example, what are the prerequisites for the UKiset exams, best boarding schools in the UK, and best 6th form colleges in England.

For anybody needing to show themselves in the UK, an entrace examination is required for most schools by taking the UKiset or UCAS tests. This is a need to guarantee capacity of the English language with the goal to ensure the capacity to thoroughly appreciate lessons in British schools and its learning condition.


Boading School In United Kingdom


Some parents will send their children to prepatory boarding schools in UK, which is all things considered called prep schools in UK. These schools serve kids from ages 8 to 11 or 13, which is known as Year 3 to Year 6 or 8 in the UK training structure. This is generally known as basic or overview schools in whatever is left of the world. Boarding schools in England and boarding schools in Wales offer a comparable acclaimed learning knowledge.

For parent needing to send their children, different private boarding schools for boys in UK consider this need. This is for the most part known as senior schools in UK, where kids ages 11 or 13 to 15, which is known as Year 7 or Year 9 to Year 11. This is by and large known as discretionary school in whatever is left of the world. An educational ordeal school gives getting ready, home and boarding to understudies where they live in the school itself, where everything is overseen.

A couple of parents will send their girls to private boarding schools for girls in UK, which considers ages 11/13 to 15, which is known as Year 7/9 to Year 11. Young woman comprehensive schools in the UK cook especially to families who lean toward a lone sex learning condition where direction and residence is moreover suited.

For families who let their chidren learn in a mixed school, private co-ed boarding schools in UK offer a variety of mentoring condition with the objective that their adolescents are exhibited to the right modify and conditions of correspondences. Co-ed school kids are allowed to consider in a thorough co-informative school condition.

Many students will choose a sixth form college in the UK to start their education early, in which they would be able to pursue their A levels education. Many schools in the UK also offers the International Baccalaureate, simply known as the IB as a choice of secondary education.

In the UK, the term public schools almost always refers to private schools, whereas what is commonly known to the rest of the world as public schools, is known in the UK as state schools. Therefore, when you are looking for a school to send your child to in England, remember to always search for UK public schools for a boarding schools and private education.



Here is a list of the best boarding schools for boys, boarding schools for ladies and co-ed boarding schools in the UK: –

Ampleforth College, Bedford School, Bellerbys College, Benenden School, Bradfield College, Brighton College, Bromsgrove School, Bryanston School, Canford School, Cardiff Sixth Form College, CATS College, Charterhouse School, Cheltenham College, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Clifton College, Concord College, Cranleigh School, Dauntsey’s School, Downe House School, Eastbourne College, Epsom College, Eton College, Gresham’s School, Haileybury School, Harrow School, King’s School, Canterbury, Lancing College, Malvern College, Marlborough College, Millfield School, Mill Hill School, Oakham School, Oxford International College, Oundle School, Queen Ethelburga’s, Radley College, Repton School, Royal Hospital School, Rugby School, Ruthin School, St Edward’s School, Oxford, St Leonards-Mayfield School, Sedbergh School, Sevenoaks School, Sherborne School, Shrewsbury School, Stowe School, Strathallan School, Tonbridge School, Truro School, Uppingham School, Wellington College, Wells Cathedral School, Westminster School, Winchester College, Woldingham School, Worth School.

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Fireflyz: Why They Are the Best Malaysian Budget Airline

Fireflyz or Firefly Airlines is a community airline headquartered in Subang Skypark Terminal. Founded in the year 2007, the airline is a subsidiary of our national flagship carrier, the prestigious Malaysia Airlines. Unlike its full-service parent company, Firefly’s focus is on servicing the Malaysian domestic routes, as well as selected popular regional destinations. Firefly operates out of two main hubs, one is in Subang and the other one is in Penang. With many low-cost airlines like AirAsia and Malindo operating within the Malaysian market, the business competition is intense. How did Firefly Airline stand the test of time and proof that it is the best budget airline in Malaysia? Let’s find out.

Fireflyz has the best domestic route coverage in Malaysia

Fireflyz offers the best domestic flight coverage in Malaysia that is unrivaled by any of its competitors. One can catch a flight to Subang, Johor Bahru, Penang, Langkawi, Kuantan, Alor Setar, Ipoh, Kota Bharu and more. Besides superior domestic flights, the airline also offers daily flights to Singapore, Phuket and Banda Aceh at attractive prices. Looking for an excuse to go on your next Cuti-Cuti Malaysia? Go holiday with Fireflyz!

Fireflyz Hub is close to the city of Kuala Lumpur

Fireflyz hub in Subang is close to Kuala Lumpur

The average time it takes from KLCC to the Subang Skypark Terminal is 30 minutes by car. If you want to go from KLCC to KLIA2 to catch an AirAsia or Malindo flight, that will take a minimum of 1 hours. Fly with Firefly Airline and save on your commute time. Subang Skypark Komuter station is a proposed commuter train station connecting the city airport to Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley for the convenience of travelers.

Fireflyz gives out free checked-baggage allowance

Many low-cost airlines practices “bait-and-switch”, where they lure you in with a very low ticket price. Later, they will impose crazy surcharges for any add-ons. When you fly with Fireflyz, what you see is what you get on the ticket prices. More than that, every passenger receives 20 kg of complimentary checked-baggage allowance. So now you can travel with all your favorite personal belongings without having to worry about any hidden surcharges.

Fireflyz gives you a fast and seamless boarding experience

If you travel with Firefly Malaysia, you just need to check in 30 minutes before for domestic flights, and 45 minutes before for international flights. After you check in, there’s no long walk to the departure gate because it’s only 5 minutes away. If you arrive last minute at the KLIA2, be prepared to sprint to the departure gate because it’s going to set you back a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes due to the airport design and the massive crowd.

Fireflyz serves complimentary in-flight refreshments

Enjoy free refreshments and attentive service by the friendly cabin crew, while onboard a Firefly aircraft. If your flight is more than 80 minutes, additional snacks are available for purchase. Compared to other low-cost carriers, the seats in Firefly are also more spacious and comfortable.

Fireflyz is undoubtedly a brand that Malaysians can be proud of. Overall, Fireflyz airline provides great value for your ringgit when you fly domestic or even to popular overseas destinations, and that makes them the best budget airline in Malaysia.