How E-procurement Makes Requisitioning Easy

How E-procurement Makes Requisitioning Easy

Requisitioning should be a simple process, yet for many businesses this most basic and vital function can present frustration and delays that generate a significant negative impact for your organisation.

Failure in requisitioning processes creates a strategic barrier to efficient daily operations that can present far more wide-reaching challenges. The marketing department can’t deliver that key poster campaign if the requisition order for the essential printing materials is lost down a blackhole of corporate paperwork. Likewise your team of outstanding electricians can’t power up your client’s new office without the wire to connect it.

Whether you’re the nation’s largest infrastructure engineers or most elaborate niche designer of bespoke jewellery, smooth processes to ensure you have the supplies you need for your daily operations are a vital part of a successful business. Delays to these processes not only have a direct effect on specific areas of your work, but a consequent impact which could deliver even more substantial costs to your business operations and reputation.


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The importance of an efficient purchase requisition system

A smooth purchase requisition system is an integral part of an effective procurement strategy, yet it is one which many organisations often find fraught with problems. The nature of goods and services falling within the needs of regular requisitioning can vary widely through an organisation, creating a challenging environment for tracking and assessing supply chains. Yet the ability to ensure transparency and oversight of these processes forms a critical element of ensuring a modern, efficient procurement system is operating in your business.

Traditional requisitioning can be a lengthy process, with multiple steps that open up the potential for delay, whether that’s a paper document lost amidst a pile or a simple misunderstanding of the importance of a request. These processes are also highly vulnerable to the perils of human error. Studies show that the simple cost of misunderstanding alone cost businesses in the UK and US as much as US$37 billion annually.

An established process of requisition orders is a crucial part of tackling this problem that enables a business to oversee organisational spending while unlocking a much greater opportunity for savings. Not only can a full understanding of your requisitioning needs identify areas of waste, it also provides access to vital information to enable you to negotiate preferential rates and added discounts from suppliers. So how can e-procurement help?

Procurehere makes requisitioning easy

Procurehere enables organisations to implement efficient, effective requisitioning processes that provide easy oversight and a clear, transparent audit trail. This simple functionality helps save time, and vastly reduces your strategic exposure to the cost of delays and human error.

Raising a purchase requisition order (PR) on Procurehere can be implemented using templates created by Buyer Administrators within your organisation, ensuring unique templates that fit your organisation’s specific requisitioning needs. The ability to add documents to your PR means you can centralise all relevant information in a readily accessed platform, removing additional steps for approval at a later stage. Once your purchase requisition order is complete, the PR will follow a pre-set path for approval that will flag with all necessary parties, providing them the ability to rapidly approve your request.

With the added benefit of our cloud-based e-procurement solution, these PR processes can be managed anytime, anywhere, ensuring the easy progress of requisitions without the need for the relevant evaluator to be located in a specific office or location. These simplified processes have shown significant, demonstrable benefits for our clients.

 “The whole approval process, from admin office to back, takes an average of 8 hours. My friends in different ports can wait for a week for non-urgent approvals to come back,” Mr. Veerakumar, Head of Maintenance & Repair, Westports.

Procurehere’s efficient e-procurement solution provides a transparent, readily audited and effective source of requisitioning for any business. A smooth requisitioning process means effortless day-to-day operations, saving you time and money, and leaving your organisation free to generate value where it matters.

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